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Carpe Datum, LLC is a small consultancy established in 2017, based in Washington, DC. Founded by two partners with over 50 years of collective experience at the nexus of data, analytics, and government, our aspiration is to apply this background to assist other data and analytic companies effectively establish, grow, and refine their offerings to government customers. At our core, we think of Carpe Datum as a strategy firm – and are at our best helping customers address a challenge, leveraging the learnings and more importantly avoiding the mistakes we’ve made over our careers. We collaborate on opportunities as small as supporting a specific procurement, and as large as developing a go-to-market strategy, supporting ongoing business development, or teaming to deliver our combined services to a government customer. Along the way, we are happy to apply our experience in areas like business development, strategic partnerships, customer engagement, capture management, product development, and sales execution to help make your government business more successful.

Carpe Datum Globe LogoCarpe Datum is committed to making each client relationship a mutually-beneficial and success-oriented engagement.